First Pokémon X and Y Images Revealed

While the collective gaming community awake at 6 AM EST is ecstatic over being able to relive our childhood pocket monster catching in 3D, nothing is as good as seeing it. Check out a handful of official images released by Nintendo plus some snapped from the debut trailer Pokémon livestream below. The images show off gameplay of what is the best looking traditional Pokémon yet, as well as three character bios including Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin.

For more on Pokémon X and Y, check out our announcement post.

  • RHF

    Hmmmm….The Firefox is the only one that looks interesting, though a water toad is cool too.

    I just hope gets rid of the obnoxious weather effects that have to be announced every turn, we know it’s still blowing sand, we’re the ones that used the move for Pete’s sake.

    I’m glad we’re finally going to 3D pokemon instead of the sprites that’s been in use for the last ten years for these games, not including the console games.

    Just don’t like the name. X and Y, just not into it

  • Course the fox is popular (they should name is Mozilla). I’m glad the frog is getting some love though. I hope the weather effects will be visible at all times instead of telling us, that’d be nice. There’s probably some meaning to the names, I noticed the one bird thing looks like the letter Y

  • RHF

    One thing I can hope for is one of the gym leaders in X being named Johnny, and he loves the word Xtreme!

  • Sounds good to me. Can have Pokemon with Xtremespeed