Is Dead Space 3 Really Better With Kinect?

Dead Space 3 has snuck up on us less than a month away from release. It was announced back in December that the survival horror sequel will feature Kinect capabilities, but lacked significant details. Well no longer as Steve Papoutsis, Visceral Games’ Vice President and Executive Producer, shows us what Dead Space 3 has to offer Kinect fans.

Based on this trailer alone, i instantly question the convenience of the Kinect features. It seems unnecessary to do voice commands such as these if they’re just going to come down to pressing an easily accessible button. It looks tacked on more than helping speed up the process. Mass Effect 3’s quick save voice command was surprisingly enjoyable until you realized the same thing could be done with the controller’s Back button. It made the feature seem almost useless, similar to early looks at what we have here.

In any case, what does everyone else think? Does this cooperative survival horror experience need Kinect, let alone should it even have it to begin with?