Pokémon Debuts on 3DS with X and Y in October

When Nintendo says they’re going to make a big announcement, they clearly mean it. The Iwata livestream announced earlier today just went down and it turned out to reveal exactly what many had hoped. That’s right, Nintendo will be bringing Pokémon to the 3DS. Keeping the variant release model of the series, the release will come in two flavors, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (modeled after chromosomes, we hope). The first of the new Pokemon generation, the games will release in most countries in October 2013 and include new starters and new gameplay (including a totally revamped battle system).

Visually, the game has ditched the 2D sprites in favor of a third-person 3D perspective. While it will be odd to play the series without a top-down view, this is a very fitting progression for the series. Head over here to browse through a handful of images we’ve compiled.

Check back often as we’ll report news as we hear it. Until then, Nintendo has set up a website and we’ve posted the debut trailer.

Is it October yet?