THQ Properties Up For Grabs

We’ve all read the news about THQ. The company filed for bankruptcy and was delisted from NASDAQ. Not even a bundle of games set at your own price could keep them afloat. So, how will we be able to play any future wrestling title or the next Saints Row game? Fear not you jabronis.

THQ is auctioning off their properties to highest bidder. The auctioning will held January 22, giving other companies plenty of time to get a bit of window shopping done. Electronic Arts and Warner Bros., along with a couple other companies, have already expressed interest in snatching up some franchises, but it is unknown which at the moment. Properties will not only be limited to game franchises; studios owned by THQ will also be available for purchase. According to Distressed Debt Investing, several prospective buyers completed a tour of the facilities to get a feel of what they’ll be competing for.

It will be interesting to see which companies will be butting heads over each property. And, with so many shut downs and closings in 2012, it will be interesting to find out what will happen to employees attached to projects currently in the works. At least we’ll be happy knowing some games will continue being produced, hopefully many of them will pull through.