EA Unveils Sims 3 2013 Line-Up

It’s that time of year again where EA needs to refill its giant money pools with some fresh, crisp cash.  EA recently announced its annual parade of upcoming Sims 3 expansion and stuff packs, or as they call them, “Are they seriously still buying these?  We’ll never have to make an actual new game again!”-packs.  I’m not sure if people are still excited for this constant stream of add-ons, because:

1) They typically add very little new content.

2) The game is quickly approaching its 4th birthday.

and, most importantly, 3) We all know they peaked with the release of Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats.

Still, if you absolutely love all things Sims 3 and are not satisfied with the mere 8 expansion packs and 7 stuff packs already in existence, 2013 looks to be a good year for you.  The announcement includes three separate expansion packs and two stuff packs.  By the end of the year, you will be able to send your Sims to the future, to an island, or to college.  So far, the meatiest addition looks to be the Sims 3 University Life expansion, in which your Sim will finally leave the house and go to college to attend classes and get a degree in one of six fields. All sorts of other traditional collegiate activities can be participated in, including spray painting murals, playing kicky bag, and…uh…”juice keggers”.  I don’t know any store that sells juice by the keg, so I’m assuming it is that special magic kind of “juice” that makes you feel funny and prevents you from having to put anything extra on your ESRB rating label.  Your Sims can also take part in some of the classic “juice” drinking games, including “juice” pong, “juice” keg stands, and “juice”-hey, who vomited into my shoes?


That guy in the back clearly had way too much “juice.”

Sims 3 University Life is currently slated for a March release.  If you can’t wait that long for the latest batch of Sims goodies and are really desperate to waste $20, the good news is that the 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff pack will drop on January 22.  It is pretty much the perfect addition for anyone who has ever thought, “yeah, this game is great and all, but I can’t really get into it unless my character has platform shoes and a suit with shoulder pads.”  No word yet on the exact variety of spandex leotards that will be available, so we will have to hold our breath in anticipation until the 22nd.

You can check out the broadcast of the release information here, or just watch the trailer for Sims 3 University Life below.