7,000 Stolen Nintendo Consoles Still Missing, Turned Out to be Wii U

Remember before the holidays we announced over 7,000 Wii consoles were stolen? Well, they’re still missing but there’s good news and bad news about that. Detectives have located the vehicles in which the systems were stashed inside and transported. Thieves thought they were clever by covering the names and logos of the trucks they used, but police are too smart to fall for that. Here’s another piece of good news, they weren’t even Wiis—they were Wii Us. Sorry about the initial mix-up, that’s what we get for listening to local media coverage. Anyway, the case continues!

Here’s an interesting fact: the consoles were reported missing next to an airport and the empty trucks were located near a different airport only a half hour away. Perhaps the thieves are trying to smuggle them out. Detectives are working with Cargo Theft Task Force based out of Los Angeles to track down the Wii U systems. There is even a $10,000 reward in the case. With no consoles for the SeaTac area to purchase, No wonder Wii U sales haven’t been so hot,