The Six Step Process in Sly Cooper

Despite an HD Collection, Sly Cooper is still one franchise we’ve been missing this generation. That won’t last much longer as the mischievous raccoon and his anthropomorphic animal friends are back to dive deeper into Sly’s family history. While it’s scheduled for release next month, it almost already feels forgotten among the many big budget games that are coming out in the next little bit. SCEA is looking to remind gamers that Sly Cooper still offers something special this day and age.

Take a look at the six step process for successfully pulling off the ultimate heist as this is still platforming and stealth at its finest. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is scheduled for a February 5, 2013 launch, and will be available on the Playstation 3 at a reduced cost of $39.99. Purchasers will also received a digital copy of the Vita version, which is valued at $29.99 standalone.