Widespread Reports of Anarchy Reigns DLC Not Working on PS3

After months of anticipation, Anarchy Reigns was finally released today for PS3 and 360. Many had pre-ordered the game at GameStop to snag the free DLC, which adds Bayonetta as a playable character and two online multiplayer modes. While 360 owners have redeemed the DLC without issue, the code is not working for the majority of PS3 owners.

Instead of unlocking the expected goodies when entered, it simply states “This code was not entered correctly, or is no longer valid”. The issue has been going on for hours and has been detailed on multiple forums.

It’s unfortunate turn of events for many who were swayed by the inclusion of Bayonetta to buy the game and, of course, decided on the PS3 version. We’re not sure if the error is on PSN’s end, Sega’s end or if the codes issued were incorrect.

Whatever the reason, hopefully it gets straightened out soon. We’ve contacted Sega and Sony for comment and will report back our findings.