Wii U GamePad Battery Life Triples with Nyko’s Power Pak

Everybody loves the Wii U GamePad, but its off-screen TV and constant supplemental use has a problem: battery life is short. Three hours isn’t bad, but running out of juice mid game is ever so annoying. Enter Nyko Power Pak for Wii U, which adds a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with three times the capacity in place of the standard GamePad’s battery. It uses the same charging cradle and AC adaptor the Wii U comes with and an be swapped out with just a screw driver (included).


It’s unknown how much bulk it will add the the GamePad, but similar products in the line have added a few centimeters of girth.

We’ll keep you posted on when pre-orders go live and more information is available. Until then, go play three hours of NintendoLand multiple times.