Painkiller Hell & Damnation Gets New Console Release Date

Painkiller Hell & Damnation is making its console debut a little later than initially anticipated. The game had a tentative release date of January 22 but has been pushed back to April 5. According to Reinhard Pollice, Production and Business Development Manager of Nordic Games, “There has been a slight delay so that the console communities can enjoy the fiendishly ghoulish experience that we know they want and deserve. In taking this additional time to add the final touches, we know that players will realise that the best things do come to those who wait!”

Two and a half months seems a bit much if it really is just the “final touches,” and the generally unfavorable reviews for its PC counterpart didn’t exactly leave gamers frothing at the mouths for a console version even prior to these delays.  The game will be released with only a $30 price tag ($40 if you like wasting money and want to get the deluxe edition), so if you’ve been looking to get into the series and don’t have a gaming quality PC it might be worth looking into. And, who knows, maybe this extra time spent working out all the kinks might mean the console version is superior for once.