Watch: Stunning Cyberpunk 2077 Slow Motion Teaser

Now we know why Tom Ohle had watched the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer multiple times. After being taunted as pretty great, the trailer was released just minutes ago and…well, it’s pretty great. The two minute trailer shows police officers (dubbed the “Psycho Squad”) repeatedly¬†firing on a beautiful female “psycho” who has abused implants and substances and now has scythes shooting out of her arms. As psychos begin to kill every living thing around them when they overdose, it makes sense why there’d be such an effort to bring them down.

The trailer is in slow motion and is very visecral, with close-ups of bullets ripping through her body (clothed only in her drawers) as Archive’s fittlingly-titled “Bullets” plays in the background. It’s very Blade Runner-esque, complete with police hover cars. Unfortunately, at the end of the trailer it’s stated that CD Projekt Red will release it “when it’s done”. How do you argue with that release date?