Alien Breed Coming to the PS3 and Vita

Do you have a Vita?  Are you looking for a two decade old top-down shooter featuring optional old-school Amiga graphics and oh no, you’ve stopped reading already.

Don’t let the details dissuade you, however, because Team17 Digital Limited release of Alien Breed is pretty great and will also be available on PS3. This enhanced version of the original title was released on iOS last year and markets itself as the original survival horror game, but if they’re really going to try to expand the definition of survival horror that much, Pac-Man technically precedes it since it featured murderous flashing ghosts.

PlayStation owners who are fans of classic top-down shooters might want to keep an eye out for this one, as it will feature a fairy hefty story mode, online multiplayer, enhanced graphics, and even the ability to swap your progress between your PS3 and Vita if your significant other gets tired of watching you kill aliens and wants to watch television instead (although if that happens we suggest you try to find someone less boring).  It should be available on the PSN come early February, so you have until then to work out your very best alien extermination strategies.