Darksiders Franchise and Saints Row the Third Deal on Amazon

If you missed out on last month’s numerous deals for the Darksiders games, then you’ll want to check out Amazon’s Franchise Pack download. For $13.19, you get both games in the series plus a season pass with tons of DLC. Also listed on the page is a deal for Saints Row the Third’s Full Package for $12.49. I’m not quite sure they didn’t just go with 12.69 to add a cheap joke in there, but in not doing so, you save 20 cents!  That really does pale in comparison to the value of getting not just the game, but all of the pricey DLC included for roughly the cost of just one DLC pack. These 48 hour deals expire on Saturday night at 11:59, so be sure to snatch them up ASAP if you’re interested in either one.