Sony Files Patent for New Move Controller

A patent was just published that details plans for a new Move controller from Sony. The controller looks much more ergonomic then before, featuring a gun-like grip and the face buttons and analog stick incorporated on the same controller (unlike the current Move setup, which relegates them to different controllers). Perhaps the most notable feature of the new controller is that it can be connected end to end with another one for more versatile use. A picture in the patent shows this being done with a fighting game, with the controller being used as a long sword. Other pictures also show the controllers being used separately one in each hand, which would lead to a combination of motion and dual analogue stick gaming.

The rest of the patent, which can be seen here, details exact functionality as well as includes a very akward representation of someone playing soccer. Filed on September 13 2012, it’s hard to guess whether this is intended for the current generation of PlayStation or not, but the fact that it comes so late in this lifecycle does lead to speculation that this is likely intended for the next generation of Sony’s console.

Check out images below: