Watch: Let’s Fish! Hooked On “Jamie” Character Trailer

In the first of four character trailers for Let’s Fish! Hooked On, the adorable Jamie gets the spotlight. In forty-seven seconds, it manages to show quite a bit of new gameplay footage as well as offer “revealing” personality details about the character.

So let’s go through them all:

1.  Feisty — figured that with the whole “fangs” thing.

2. She Rivals with Kano — not surprising as nobody likes Kano. Especially Kano.

3. Likes Ryuji — but…I like Ryuji…

4. Speciality — hooking — sure.

Simple enough — wait, what was that last one? Uh, well, that’s surprising innuendo for a fishing game; although it does explain the whole “open fly” thing…