Bhutto Burst Kid Mixes Light Guns with Card Collecting

While card collecting fades in and out of popularity in America, it remains ever-prominent in Japan. For every Mushiking that shows up on American shores, there’s probably 10 similar games raking in money in their neck of the woods. As stag beatle-battling and dinosaur fights can’t hold interest forever, Namco Bandai have decided to mix the arcade card collecting and light gun genre in a “you got peanut butter on my chocolate” sort of way.

Bhutto Burst Kid is a kid-friendly arcade light gun game that also vends data cards to unlock characters and effects. Three slots are built into the colorful light gun (seen below) that instantly take effect on gameplay once inserted. While it should prove an instant formula for success with youth, mixing a need to shoot gigantic dinosaurs and collecting cards sounds addictive enough to attract even adults (ok, maybe just me) to the arcade.

If you’re not yet sold on the concept, Namco Bandai have released a trailer that can best be described as “extreme”, with flashing images of gigantic colorful monsters doing battle to the sounds of blaring J-Rock. Check it out below:



Source: Arcade Heroes