My Name’s Dante and This is My Launch Trailer

If you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s review, we absolutely love what Ninja Theory has done with the Devil May Cry name. While some of the more dedicated fans are still up in arms over a few changes in direction, that isn’t stopping us, and many others from having a good time with the stylish action title. The game has officially launched today, and along with it, a brand new trailer to help nudge those who are still pondering a purchase in the right direction.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer, DmC looks to offer something for everyone. It can be an easy button-masher if you just want to go through the intriguing storyline, or hardcore and precise for those looking for a traditional DMC experience. Having picked up every Devil May Cry game at launch since it first debuted on the Playstation 2, I’m incredibly excited to dig my teeth deeper into Ninja Theory’s reboot.