Nine More Dynasty Warriors 8 Characters

I’m really starting warming up to Dynasty Warriors 8. While it has been ages since I last played the pre-modern Chinese-influenced series, going through Warriors Orochi 3: Hyper Edition has got me hyped for what Omega Force will bring next. It certainly helps I enjoy East Asian Culture and history, but having a huge cast unique and interesting characters certainly helps, too.

Along with their respective dynasties, we have a bunch of additional characters to an already booming set: Xiaoquiao (Wu), Diaochan (Han), Hang Dang (Han), Taishi Ci (Wu), Dong Zhuo (Han), Ding Feng (Wu), Lu Bu (Han), Yuan Shao (Han), and Zhou Tai (Wu). If you’re wondering, these are in order of how they’re organized below. Dynasty Warriors 8 will be available at the end of February in Japan, with a North American release hopefully shortly after.