Nintendo to Debut Unreleased Wii U and 3DS Games at Sundance Film Festival

What better way to commemorate one of the world’s largest film festivals then with video games? That’s Nintendo’s line of reasoning as they roll into Park City, Utah to show-off the latest, and even some unreleased, product from the 3DS and Wii U software lineup. The event kicks off with a Nintendo-sponsored short film competition, featuring YouTubers who created videos showcasing the GamePad that were then separated into teams and given 48 hours to create another short film that…showcased the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo executives and other VIPs will be in attendance.

On the 18th, the “Nintendo Lounge” will be open to executives and celebrities before opening to the public on January 21st. Inside, multiple 3DS and Wii U games will be available to play, including New Super Mario Bros. 2, ZombiU and SiNG PARTY. Of course, the main draw will be the chance to play unreleased Nintendo titles such as Brain Age: Concentration Training, Rayman Legends, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the first Wii Fit title on the Wii U.

Festivities run on January 21st from 1-5 P.M for the Park City residents and festival attendees. Something tells us the lounge will fill up when Ashton Kutcher appears on screen as Steve Jobs.