Dead or Alive 5 Gets Cross Play Support

So, cross-over features are pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, the act of portables and consoles communicating with one another doesn’t happen as often as it could or should. Team Ninja, the studio behind Dead or Alive 5, hopes to remedy that. According to Famitsu, the upcoming DOA5 Plus for PlayStation Vita will feature Cross Play in a number of ways. For starters, all content purchased on the PlayStation Store can be used on either system. Meaning to say, existing and future DLC will be compatible on both PS3 and PSV.

Going one step further, Dead or Alive 5 Plus will also allow players to continue their story mode excursions on-the-go through the transfer of data from console to handheld. Most importantly, however, is the online Cross Play, which will let Vita and PS3 players go head-to-head. A small icon will indicate an opponent’s version of choice, thus console gamers will be denoted by a controller symbol, while PSV players will rock an appropriate Vita emblem.

Dead or Alive 5 Plus offers a handful of new options not present in the existing console title. New touch controls, first-person play and three times the frames on each move making for better animations are just a few of the differences between the games. If this sound interesting, then keep an eye peeled for the portable fighter when it’s released March 19.