Gameplay Footage for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Unveiled

Nippon Ichi is known for releasing weird, quirky RPGs and this trend looks to continue with the upcoming Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.  It is the third title in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series and the good news is they haven’t even come close to using up all the crazy in the first two games.  The main characters in this series are a group of gaming consoles personified as goddesses who have already saved their home plant of Gamindustri from evil forces on multiple occasions.  This time around, the titular character Neptune gets sent to another dimension which is actually Gamindustri from the 1980s.  This might sound like a Mad Libs put together by a ten year old messed up on caffeine and candy, but that is honestly the plot of this game.  While the game was announced September of last year and has been out in Japan since last August, updates on the US and European release of the game had been somewhat sparse until NIS  America recently released a buffet of goodies, including two actual gameplay videos.

The first video focuses on what looks to be the traditional combat system in the game, as girls in skirts and knee high socks run around and attack elderly gentlemen wearing spaceships as pants with teddy bears and giant novelty hammers.  If you weren’t absolutely sure if this was really a Nippon Ichi game, that summary should be enough to convince you.  The second video starts the same way, but then things go absolutely nuts and the women all turn into what look like sexy dominatrix butterflies and unleash a litany of impressive special attacks on a poor defenseless wolf.  You can check out either of the videos below and browse through the library of US screenshots, but lets be honest — you already scrolled down there as soon as you read “sexy dominatrix butterflies”.


I don’t know if you can successfully market and sell a game on fan service alone, but Nippon Ichi sure seems to be trying.