Kat and Emmitt Join All-Stars on Feb. 12

The announcement of Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmitt from Starhawk coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale excited PSASBR players, especially when it was announced that they would be free for two weeks. However, no release date was announced to go alongside the characters…until now. On February 12, both characters will be release and remain free until Feb. 26.

It isn’t known if each character comes with a trophy for beating the arcade mode with them like the default in-game roster does, but hopefully it does. If not, then all you’re out is a pair of bronze-level trophies, which really don’t matter much compared to getting some new characters for free. Anyone who has forgotten about the game amid a busy holiday season would be wise to at least dust it off in a few weeks to give these new characters a shot and see if they reinvigorate your love for the game.