Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy All the Bravest on iOS

After teasing us with Final Fantasy news to be revealed on January 17th, Square Enix has not only followed through, but actually released said teased game. Final Fantasy All the Bravest is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for $3.99. The game is a touch-action RPG where foes are rapidly defeated to advance to new stages. The more defeated, the more experience points gained, granting the ability to add more characters to your party.

Combat is based on the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, allowing a character to be tapped to attack once their gauge is full. Every three hours the “Fever” option will appear, which allows the player to rapidly attack without needing the gauge to refill — so long as Chocobo music is playing.

The game features characters, enemies and thirty songs (predominately boss battle themes) from throughout the history of the Final Fantasy series, with twenty different classic jobs (such as monks, warriors and red mages) unlockable throughout the game. Also included are global leaderboards and social networking features, including achievements.

And here we thought were were just getting another FInal Fantasy VI remake. Check out some screenshots below: