Wii U Accessory Set Includes Cleaning Cloth, Screen Protector

Whoa, hold the phone, a cleaning cloth? This is possibly the greatest accessory of all time. You’ve probably been getting really fed up with the amount of maintenance that goes into owning a Wii U, but now, your life will become much simpler if you purchase the Wii U GamePad Accessory Set.

Not only will you receive the aforementioned cleaning cloth, but also a screen protector and a larger, comfier stylus. Sure, you could use the regular stylus or a finger to draw or write, a regular microfiber cloth to clean and, if you take proper care of the $300 console, wouldn’t need a screen protector; but just look how awesome this box is:


Worth $12.99 come February? Alright, probably not.

  • RHF

    I just bought one for 8 dollars, third party one, and it came with two screen protectors, and cloth, and two stylus

  • JPeeples

    They should release one with a small can of air to blow the dust off the system.