Let’s Fish Reels in a Release Date, Pricing Set

Let’s Fish! Hooked On is, you guessed it, a fishing game for PlayStation Vita from the same team behind the cherished SEGA Bass Fishing series. Aside from having a great studio behind it, Let’s Fish! is also the Vita’s first true fishing experience. Blending realistic mechanics with fast, arcade-y gameplay using the Vita’s touchscreen controls, Hooked On looks to have something for everyone. It doesn’t hurt that it comes complete with a full story campaign, four playable characters (each with their own tale and attributes), online rankings, trophy support and a cluster of other modes and goodies.

The Vita has been starved for games as of late, so Let’s Fish! comes at a good time. Better yet, its launch is right around the bend; it will be released February 5, for $19.99, through the PlayStation Network.