One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Coming to PS3 This Summer

Tecmo Koei is famous for releasing more Dynasty Warrior games than one could think imaginable. One Piece: Pirate Warriors was just one of the many releases that combined the tried and true brawling from that coveted series with a particular anime pastiche. Regardless of having an overwhelming number of hack n’ slash options on the market though, One Piece: Pirate Warriors was a solid entry in Tecmo Koei’s library. In fact, it was so solid that now it’s getting a PS3-exclusive sequel aptly dubbed, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

Publisher Namco Bandai had this to say about the announcement: “One Piece fans will explore wondrous and mysterious island environments in the bizarre realm beyond the Grand Line while they sail through uncharted territories, including previously unreleased stages such as Skypiea.”

Although the first title was just released here in North America back in September, this follow-up is slated for a Summer 2013 launch window.