Target Cuts Wii U Deluxe Price

After reporting Wii U’s readily availibilty on Christmas Eve, the weeks since have seen almost every retailer with plenty of Wii U Deluxe and Basic models in stock. Even Sears has them — and they shouldn’t have anything in demand. It seems as if retailers may now have too many Wii Us, or at least Target, as highlighted by an unadvertised price cut at retail stores:


While $20 isn’t a huge reduction (or $37.50 with a Target REDcard…but nobody has those), it’s certainly rare to have a console’s price cut so soon after launch — especially such a hotly anticipated one. We’re reached out to Target for comment on their reasoning for the price cut and have confirmed the price with multiple stores.

Whether other retailers will follow suit is unclear, but whatever the reason, it’s certainly a development worth following.