Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Out Now on Xbox Live and PSN

With this being a lean week for Xbox Live deals, 360 owners probably didn’t miss it, but PSN users in the middle of downloading a ton of the 13 for ’13 games today may have skipped the demo section entirely, which is a real shame. Beyond demos for The Cave and the CD system-era Mad Dog McCree being released, there’s also one up for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It takes up 3.4 GBs, so be sure to have plenty of space free on your HDD before DLing it.

For some reason, the 360 version of it only takes up 1.84 GB, which seems quite odd on the surface. Perhaps higher-quality images were used for the PS3 version, although given the incredibly slow download speeds on PSN all day today, it’s something we can’t confirm first-hand right now. Regardless of what system you own, this demo is a must if you love action games, or if you’re skeptical about how well a more action-centric Metal Gear game can be. The full game hits on Feb. 13, and while you’re waiting for the demo to download, feel free to check out all of the content we’ve put up regarding the game over the past few months.