Some THQ Franchises Find New Homes, Others in Limbo

DDInvesting’s Twitter has revealed the status of some of THQ’s franchises, while others were not sold today — sadly, the limbo they’re in lacks demons and crazed newscasters. Relic, the makers of Company of Heroes, was sold to Sega for $26.6 million, while THQ Montreal was sold to Ubisoft for $2.5 million, who also acquired South Park: The Stick of Truth for $3,265,206. Evolve was sold to Take 2 for $10.894 million, while Volition, the makers of Saints Row, was sold to Koch Media for $22 million. They also acquired the Metro franchise for $5,877,551.  Crytek, the developers of Homefront, bought the rights to the franchise for $544,218 – the lowest amount paid by anyone for a franchise in this sale. Kotaku has posted a letter informing THQ employees of the sales, and stated that some employees will be retained to ease in the transition.

The Darksiders franchise and its developers weren’t sold off today, and will remain part of the chapter 11 case. WWE’s license was apparently sold to EA last week according to Euro Gamer, but no confirmed reports have stated that. It would make sense given that EA acquired THQ’s other athletic franchise with the UFC brand last year, and would easily allow crossover licensing deals for people like Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar who have participated with both companies — similar to what was done when Lesnar was under a UFC contract and included in WWE’s game easily due to the franchises being under the same corporate umbrella.