PSN Store Now Accessible Via Website

It took eons, but Sony’s finally got a website that allows you to make PSN purchases. 360 owners have long since had this feature, and it’s quite handy for when you read about a game and want to download a demo of it, or give the whole game a shot if it’s discounted, but don’t feel like powering on your system. The store lets you check out any Sony Entertainment Network content and view your download history, which can easily terrify you when you see just how many purchases you’ve made. PS3 owners have been wanting a site like this for a long time, and while the PS Store redesign is controversial to say the least on the PS3, it’s actually quite easy to navigate in website form, so if the PS3 store bugs you, just cue something up to download on your computer, phone, or tablet and it will download ASAP on the PS3.