Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Renamed “Luigi’s Mansion 2” in Europe

While a specific release date for the highly-anticipated 3DS Luigi’s Mansion adventure has yet to be set in Europe, it’s now looking it will carry a different name when it’s inevitably┬álaunched. Dubbed “Dark Moon” in North America, official cover art has been leaked for the game today that shows it will be released as “Luigi’s Mansion 2” in Europe:


A logo with a similar ghost-looking “2” was used before as a placeholder before the game got its official subtitle last year. The reason for the name-change is unclear, but it could certainly stem from game tracking weaker there than on our shores, leading to Nintendo wanting to instantly connect it with its Gamecube predecesor.

Even though it’s the same game, playing the game as “Luigi’s Mansion 2” makes us inexplicably more excited.

  • George Tilley

    The reason for this is simple, unlike the US (which thinks it’s the universe BTW) Europe actually has other languages and culture. So, in order to stop overworking the localisation teams, they just call it Luigi’s Mansion 2. It’s the same in every language, because it’s media, and just putting 2 there means they don’t have to change advertising, box art, cartridge art, trailers and any easter eggs found. All they have to do is translate the game and sometimes the trailers for review. It also means, they don’t have to create a new font, for each country they release the game in.