Resident Evil 6 PC Gets Exclusive Mode, Siege DLC to Arrive in March for Consoles

Good news comes to those who wait — and certainly, PC gamers are used to waiting for console releases to transition over to their dearest platform. Alas, Capcom announced today that the PC version of Resident Evil 6 will contain a new and exclusive mode called The Mercenaries: No Mercy. This enhancement takes the classic Mercenaries mode and ratchets up the gameplay to provide more on-screen enemies than ever before, in an effort to incite pure, unadulterated carnage. By having more baddies on the screen, players can expect to die a lot more, but to also rack up even bigger combo scores.

Resident Evil 6 PC is slated for a digital download release in North American on March 22,2013 for $39.99, and will include all post-launch content found in the console iterations. Thus, players can expect to have access to Ada Wong’s campaign right out the gates, along with the ability to play through the story mode co-operatively and even fine tune the in-game camera (hopefully that means the camera is actually tolerable, this time around). To correspond with the console releases, PC players will be able to utilize for all their multiplayer needs, as well.

Outside of all this PC news, the Big C also revealed a March release window for the upcoming Siege mode DLC. This $4 add-on will allow up to six players to team up in order for one team to hunt down the other’s AI-controlled BSAA agent. The catch is, the team with the AI-controlled agent is comprised of the human characters from the game, while those hunting the agent are monsters. Riveting.