Edge of Space Sees Massive Update

Alright, so, Edge of Space is sort of a generic title for a game with frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads, but all you need to know is, well, just that. Alright, the laser beam shark thing and that the game is a survival-adventure sandbox game that takes place in the weirdest corner of the known universe where players must build, create, mold and work to survive. Due out this spring, a huge update was just released for the beta.

New gun types are now available, including rocket launchers, rifles, shotguns, carbines and machine guns; storage chests can now be crafted to keep an overflow of equipment and craft items; holopets have been added, which in the future can assist players by collecting items or buffing an ArkCoNaut and evolve into something more assuming. The most important addition, however, are updated visuals with improved texture blending and new glass tiles.

The game can be pre-ordered at Desura or Rain DG for just $9.99 and can be voted for a Steam release via Greenlight. Check out the trailer and some screenshots below and head over here to download four tracks of the soundtrack.