Retro Arcade Opened in Lebanon

When one thinks Lebanon, “arcade” is likely not the first word to spring to mind, yet that’s exactly what Carlo Baghdoyan has done in the country. The project is a labor of love that took great lengths to accomplish and is filled with retro (and even a few modern) arcade games. Games inside include Space Harrier, Sly Spy, Ridge Racer, Steel Gunner, Spider-man, Outrun, Pit Fighter, Rampart and many more. These aren’t trashed old games, either, it’s been done right with many fully-restored cabs all in perfect working order.

The viability of such an establishment in the country is unknown, as it’s the only one we know of that exists, but the kids in the above and below pictures seem to be having a great time. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?