Syndicate Wars Now Playable on PC and Mac

Remember Syndicate Wars, that Cyberpunk RTS with the quintessentially ’90s cover art that could be seen on the shelves of computer software stores (and hopefully your collection) for years and led to a recent reboot with mixed results? It was a thing and said thing was always ahead of its time with nice top-down 3D graphics and fantastic sound effects and soundtrack, but for whatever reason was released for DOS, rendering it impossible for all but the…let’s call them “devoted”…to play.

Lucky for those nostalgic for great ’90s gaming, however, a project has just been released by Vexillium to bring the game to modern platforms. To create the port, the original DOS excutable was disassembled and the DOS-specific code replaced with platform-independent code. This means that by providing the modernized executable, Syndicate Wars will be able to be experienced on Windows, Mac OS and GNU. The project is not quite completed, as the single player campaigns aren’t completely finished and joystick support is non-existant, but it’s as close as you’ll ever get to playing the game without an IBM.

The executable can be downloaded right here for free, but only for those with the original Syndicate Wars game on CD. Buying a seventeen year old DOS game may be the best thing you do all week.