Localization of Mega Man Xover Put On Hold; Fans Rejoice

Following in the tradition of big name companies developing awful games on iOS, Capcom released Mega Man Xover in Japan last November to the joy of literally no one. There had been plans to localize the game for American audiences as well, but it appears that Capcom may have reconsidered subjecting another audience to their mistake.  According to Christian Svensson, Capcom Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President, he has put efforts to bring the game stateside “on hold for the time being” due to the “largely negative feedback from MM fans.”

A vice-president of a company admitting that everyone hates their product sounds pretty damning, but in this case “largely negative feedback” is putting it almost gently.  If you check out this Youtube video previewing the game, you’ll find that only 2.3% of people that submitted their opinion on it found it worthy of a like.  That’s worse than Friday, It’s Thanksgiving, and Rick Perry’s campaign ad where he comes out as a lunatic.  That’s a lower approval rating than Congress, and Congress has lost out in popularity contests to such heavy hitters as traffic jams and root canals.

It is genuinely nice to see a company respond based on the reactions of the fans, but the truth is Mega Man Xover actually sold fairly well in Japan so this news comes as a bit of a shock.  While Svensson didn’t officially rule out the possibility of the game ever receiving a release stateside, at least for now fans in the US will be spared the indignity of this title. Unfortunately, this means all “Capcom’s tradition of releasing quality games is now officially Xover” puns have been put on hold as well.