Release Dates Announced For Wii U VC Trial Games

Nintendo has announced exactly when the Wii U’s Virtual Console Trial Games will be made available, and how long they’ll be on the service for only 30 cents. Balloon Fight went up on 1/29 and will be available until 2/21, while F-Zero comes out on 2/20 and will see its price increase after 3/21. Punch Out without Tyson hits on 3/20 and its promotional price ends on 4/18., while Kirby’s Adventure’s lower price begins on 4/17 and ends on 5/16. The best overall value in this whole promotional offer, SNES classic Super Metroid, will be heavily discounted from 5/15 until 6/13, while the NES puzzler Yoshi’s price is alive from 6/12 until 7/11, and the final game – the NES version of Donkey Kong, will be discounted from 7/15 until 8/13. As you can see, there’s some overlap between a new game being made available and the previous week’s price being changed, giving you a grace period to remember about the promotional sale and take advantage of some excellent savings.

Every game being made available for 30 cents is worth that price, and Super Metroid is a steal at such a low price point since it’s a genuine classic, one of the best entries in the series today, one of the SNES’s finest games, and hasn’t been re-released since then a thousand times — only receiving a Wii VC re-release since ’94. This promotion is a great way to check out older games on a newer platform, or just try the games out for the first time if you missed out on them before. Yoshi is a fine puzzle game, but didn’t get much love because it was one of the last games on the NES. Kirby’s Adventure is a tremendous entry in the series, and the first console outing for Nintendo’s original pink, non-jiggly, puff. Punch Out is a must-play even without Tyson, as is Donkey Kong, which lost its fourth level, but still contains three levels of precision-platforming greatness.

Balloon Fight starting off the promotion is quite fitting given how well-received the Balloon Trip mode has been in Nintendo Land. If you dig that, you’ll love the original game, which despite ripping Joust off fairly heavily in concept, manages to make things different enough to help it stand out — and it controls far better with buttons than Nintendo Land’s re-imagining of it does with a stylus.

If you’ve got a Wii U, you’ll absolutely want to give these games a download given that they’ll probably never be made available for such a low price again.