Surprise! Scott Pilgrim DLC Coming February 6th for 160 MS Points

Well, color us surprised. After reporting that Ubisoft had been telling fans that the long-awaited Scott Pilgrim DLC had been cancelled, it caused a bit of a brouhaha that led to Ubisoft issuing a statement to refute it. Whether this was to save face in the midst of backlash (as the content had been delayed multiple times and missed its winter release with nary a peep) or the publisher was simply dragging its feet is unclear, but it looks like they’re finally making good on their promises.

Major Nelson has listed a slew of content coming soon to XBLA and — surprise — the Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack is set for February 6 at 160 MS points. At two bucks, they’re certainly not gouging for it (although at this point, free DLC would have been nice), so it’s worth picking up if there’s even a remote possibility of you playing the game again.

Of course, as it’s almost two and a half years old at this point, we wouldn’t blame you if that doesn’t come to fruition.