Costco Slashes Wii U Prices; Deluxe Down to $299.97

Enormous big box retailer Costco has just cut the price of both Wii U consoles, with the Basic dropping over $50 to $244.97 and the Deluxe to just a hair under three hundred at $299.97. Both prices include shipping and handling, but require a Costco membership. It’s unclear whether this is a limited time or permanent price drop for the Nintendo console, but it’s certainly a bargain for those looking to get the new Nintendo console.

We’ve been calling multiple Costco retail stores to confirm the price, but as anyone who’s ever called Costco knows, it’s impossible to get any information about anything. This price cut comes in the wake of select Targets cutting the price of the Deluxe version of the console twenty dollars.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 1.51.45 PM