Sony Selling Uncharted 3 For $9.99

If you’ve got a PS3 and haven’t been able to check out the third installment in the generation-defining Uncharted series, now’s a great time to do so. Sony is selling it for $10 with $4 shipping on both their website store and ebay store. While the game is over a year old, it does still go for $20+ regularly, so this is a nice savings on an excellent game. UC 3 isn’t quite as good as UC 2 in some ways, but is remarkable in its own right and has some of the best-looking deserts you’ll see in a game that isn’t Journey. If you haven’t played any games in the series, then this deal may not be a must-buy, but you should definitely buy the inevitable triple pack. They’ve bundled tons of other series together for complete collections, and did a UC1+2 bundle a couple of years ago, so perhaps they’ll do one for the upcoming holiday season with all of the DLC.