Alan Wake Franchise is 75% Off on Steam

If you’ve listened to the newest episode of the Hardcore Gamer Show and have a burning desire to play some Alan Wake, then Steam’s Midweek Madness sale is something you’ll want to take advantage of. Until Thursday, it allows you to get the original Alan Wake for $7.50, its Collector’s Edition for $8.75 (which includes developer commentary and a PDF book along with nearly an hour of music), or you can just snag everything including the CE and the American Nightmare expansion pack for $10 total.

If you’ve got a powerful enough computer to run it, then this is easily the best value the franchise will ever likely have since you’ll never find the 360 equivalents for less. It is worth noting that owners of Alan Wake on the 360 without American Nightmare may want to take advantage of its current sale price of 600 MS points — down from 1,200 for the next week.