PS Store Update Brings Discounts and Freebies

Beyond the Namco Bandai and Final Fantasy savings, there’s a fine variety of discounted games and free games have hit the service as well. Guardians of Middle-Earth is a new freebie for PS+ members, while Karateka is discounted to $5 from $10, and Big Sky Infinity and Knytt Underground have 40% discounts, bringing the former down to $6 from $10 and the latter down to $9 from $15. Both games are available for the Vita and PS3, and a purchase of one gets you both versions – although only BSI is listed as a cross-buy title. A trio of Alien Breed games go on sale for $5 to set up next week’s cross-buy remake, while some games get permanent price drops.

Three Ben 10 games go down to $10, while Silent Hill: BoM for the Vita drops to $30 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier goes from $40 to $30 and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix goes down to $10 from $20. Mensa Academy hits the PS3 for $10, with a free demo available. Bentley’s Backpack, a mini-game collection, also has a free demo for both the Vita and PS3. Fittingly, the OST for Thieves in Time is also available, making this the first time we can recall where the game and its OST hit PSN on day one.