Green Man Gaming Giving Away 4 Games Over the Next Week

Green Man Gaming is partnering with Playfire to give away four games over the next seven days – Friday until Monday to be specific. All you have to do is have an account to both sites, link them and get the games on GMG.  Starting Friday, you’ll have 24 hours to download the free game of the day. Friday’s is Zombies, while Saturday brings Ninja Blade to players at no cost, Sunday gives you Unstoppable Gorg, and Monday makes Superstars V8 Next Challenge free to enjoy forever.

In addition to the PC game giveaway, there will also be a competition at the end of it for XBL or PSN points, giving console-centric gamers something to look forward to. Every game included here has been on some form of indie bundle, but if you missed out on them there, then this is the absolute best time to snag them. Linking accounts only takes a second and is a far more painless process than one might expect.

  • Nearlight

    I love seeing GMG run these free game promotions. I don’t really like using Capsule because to me, it’s more third-party DRM cluttering up my system, but it is commendable how often they give away games. And the best part is that you can trade in your purchases (as long as they aren’t Steam keys) for future store credit, something the pretentious GabeN should’ve implemented long ago. Great site over all, and I can’t wait to finally try Zombies.