Ubisoft Announces Wii U Exclusive Rayman Legends Demo to Make Up for Delay

Some Wii U supporters got understandably steamed when it was announced yesterday, just weeks before its release, that Rayman Legends would no longer be released when planned as a console exclusive, but instead be come out in September across the three major platforms. In an attempt to quell the ensuing brouhaha, Ubisoft has announced they are working on an exclusive demo for the Wii U.

Fan reception to this has been negative, with statements like “A demo doesn’t quite cut it when Wii-U owners like myself were expecting to be playing the game about two weeks from now. I had a pre-order placed for it but that has since been canceled since there are no doubt going to be other games during that timeI’m going to pick up.” and hundreds of other comments too explicit to list here.

Does this new demo help remedy the delay? Sound off below!