Director Wants Mario for Wreck-It Ralph Sequel

Wreck-It Ralph, the Academy Award nominated film for best animated feature, has plans for a sequel. At the moment, the plot has not been revealed, however, director Rich Moore does want Nintendo superstar Mario to play a role. Moore originally had planned to include Mario in the first film but said, “it had to be organic, it had to feel like [the scene] was made for him and unfortunately as we were developing the story that moment never made itself clear.” It was assumed at the time of its release that both Mario and Luigi were not in the film due to licensing issues but he says that’s not true as evident by Bowser’s small role on screen. Even Mario’s voice actor, Charles Martinet, was credited for his role in the movie, but since he never appeared, that credit has been removed from websites.

Even though the creators of Wreck-It Ralph have ideas and blueprints for a sequel, the decision to go through with production has yet to be finalized. Nintendo allowed the use of their characters, but given their history of staying away from the silver screen, there may be more walls for Ralph to wreck and more hurdles for Mario to jump over to get this duo together.