March of the Eagles Up for Pre-Order, Grand Strategy Gets Accessible

The grand strategy genre is not the most popular one around. However, with pioneers like Paradox Interactive spearheading operation bring-this-very-niche-style-of-games-to-the-mainstream, prospects have never looked brighter. Take for example their upcoming title, March of the Eagles. This historical strategy game is the company’s latest entry in their expansive library of similar releases, except it bears one unique quality: it’s actually accessible to the average gamer.

Hot off the heels of last year’s successful, though overwhelmingly non-linear and complex, Crusader Kings II, March of the Penguins Eagles is an intricate game, but not to the point of scaring off its audience. Toted as the perfect introductory title of its kind in the Paradox games roster, this 19th century focused war game is narrow in scope and centered more around warfare than any of the company’s previous grand strategy endeavors. From what we know and have seen, players will lead one of the prominent or minor nations of Europe through the years of the Napoleonic Wars, along the way researching new ideas to improve military cababilities, capturing provinces and generally mowing down anyone who gets in the way.  Aside from conquering alone, there’s even a multiplayer mode to try out — that way your newb self can be humiliated by people who are far better at the game.

While March of the Eagles is no doubt still a niche title, it looks at least far more approachable than most of its kind. Thus, if it’s of interest, take note that the game is now available for pre-order at Paradox’s webstore. With a February 18 release date fast approaching, pre-ordering now will net players a 10 percent discount, along with a free copy of Paradox’s other, lesser known grand strategy gem, Sengoku. To see the game in action, head on over to the studio’s Twitch TV channel where they will be streaming footage of it today.