Get PC Tomb Raider For $36 at Gamefly

If you’re one of the millions eagerly anticipating the grittier and far more mature reboot of Tomb Raider, you’ll want to check out Gamefly’s sale on it. The default purchase price is $45, but their GFDFEB20 coupon code takes 20% off of any PC download, dropping it to $36 for a Steam-activated version of the game. If you’ve got a powerful enough system to run the game properly, this deal will get you one of the year’s most intriguing games on day one for nearly half off the console version’s price. Deals like this have me wishing I’d spent a couple hundred extra on a more powerful PC, since not having one prevents me from being able to take advantage of huge pre-order savings like this, and to a much lesser extent, the new Aliens game as well.