Only 5 Days Left To Support ’90s Arcade Racer Kickstarter

If you grew up on classic Sega racers like Daytona USA and Super GT/Scud Race, you’ll be interested in this Kickstarter-based project. The ’90s Arcade Racer aims to give players formula, stock cars, and supercars to race with along three tracks that can be played either normally or in a reversible form. The development team has grown from a one-man team to having the support of Nicalis, and they aim to release it on the Wii U, Linux, Android, and iOS marketplaces. The project has already hit its minimum goal of £10,000, but new features may be added to it like a Kudos-style system, online leaderboards, multiple routes through each circuit, and local multiplayer. If £15,000 is raised, another 3D artist will be brought on board, and if it gets to £20,000, then the art team will expand to three people.

Based on what’s been shown so far, ’90s AR looks to perfectly capture what made Daytona and other ’90s Sega racers so fun, while making them look like you’d expect a more modern-racer to look, but with a visual style that also fits those games. It’s somewhat disappointing to see that they’re not aiming to release it on XBLA and PSN,  since it would be nice to have a console that has both this and Daytona on it, but will release it to the Wii U’s eShop. As far as rewards go, as little as £10 ensures you’ll get a digital download of it, while £15 gets you that plus an OST and your name in the credits – making that the best overall way to get the game, some extras, and still throw some money in to help the project out.