Twisted Metal Series Sale Hits PSN Today

If you grew up loving the Twisted Metal series, this week’s sale for the franchise is something you’ll want to pay attention to. It’s been a year since the TM reboot hit the PS3, and with that comes a variety of discounts for the PSN versions of most of its games. While Small Brawl, 3, and 4 aren’t included in the sale, you can still get TM 1 for $5, TM 2 for $5, TM: Black for $8, and the reboot for $30. If you want all of the carnage bundled together, then spending just $10 more gets you all four games for $40. As someone who mainly bought a PlayStation to play Twisted Metal, I’ll always have a soft spot for this series, and while I already have TM 2 on disc and digitally, bough  the reboot on day one and got TM: B with my pre-order, the original is worth re-buying for $5, and the sequel is an absolute must-buy if you’ve ever been curious about the franchise.

It’s a shame that the PS2 release of Head-On isn’t being rolled out in time with this since its main game is treated like the true follow-up to TM 2, contains some stuff planned for Black 2 (including a movie theater area that was used in the reboot), had an interesting documentary about the series, and was a great release towards the end of the PS2’s lifespan. Small Brawl would be nice to see digitally as well, since it was an under the radar release for the PS1, while TM 3 and 4 not being included isn’t a surprise given they weren’t created by the original development team and this sale is limited to games they worked on. Anyone remotely curious about the franchise should check out at least TM: 2 as part of this sale, with Black being slightly beneath it and TM 1 being harder to recommend due to its age, but it does have some excellent stages — like the battle in suburbia, and the rooftop-jumping final stage.