Can You Survive the Alien Apocalypse in Crysis 3?

The final and concluding episode into Crysis 3’s 7 Wonders video series has been released, showcase a wide open area filled with baddies to kill. The world in Crysis is not in a good way; one would say that it’s the end of everything we know, as the aliens are here and they’ve brought a devastating force with them. Fortunately, mankind has their own weapon.

I almost wish I could transition between each suit function so fluidly. The way it’s being shown in this trailer makes the game so much more action packed and cinematic than I would ever play it as. I usually stick to the shadows, sneak past people and only take out someone if necessary. Regardless, the amount of creativity you can accomplish looks to be immense and is a challenge for the most hardcore fans. Crysis 3 is attempting to revolutionize how we play shooters when it hits next Tuesday.